Our Farm

Bluenose Botanicals is Mendocino’s finest, hand-crafted, small farmed Cannabis brought to you with love by our caring hands and our nearest star.  We use simple ingredients to grow our medicine; the sun, round valley terroir, and organic feed and pest control.  We don’t overthink it and we like to keep it simple.  We don’t grow in buildings, we’re not Canadian, we’ve never been on wall street, we actually don’t have dreadlocks but my beautiful wife and kids do love to work hard and sing and dance around our farm which I think adds to the magic.  Proudly serving you from the bread basket of cannabis, the Emerald Triangle, where small farms have been working their craft for the past half century.  We focus on quality not quantity and species diversity on our farm where we grow bucking bulls and vegetables along side our natural cannabis.  Feel the difference.