Featuring Mendocino’s best small farmed, sustainable, organic, full term outdoor flowers from a LICENSED Mendocino Farm in the heart of the Round Valley appellation. Sign up today to get fresh flowers from our farm and our 50 strong farmer cooperative Round Valley Growers Association.  Knowing your farmer is knowing that you have medicine and not some warehouse weed.  Grown on a family farm of pear trees and flowers and vegetables; we polyculture grow our cannabis in a diverse setting that promotes healthy plants, beneficial bugs, and we NEVER spray any toxic chemicals on your Cannabis.  In fact this year we only sprayed cold pressed Neem Oil.  Our water is sustainably sourced from our well in Round Valley.  Our curing process is topnotch, we start in a barn and finish in a climate controlled reefer unit.  Most farms drop the ball on the slow cure, we don’t.  Proof is in the pudding.  Enjoy our products like so many others have!  Guaranteed No Calories, 100% Gluten Free, Vegan Friendly, and not approved by the pharmaceutical industry.